Meraki WLAN MAC-based access control with PSK

The Problem: When looking at the configuration of a Meraki SSID (this is software version 27.5.1), there is no obvious way to configure MAC-based access-control and PSK simultaneously as it is possible with the traditional Cisco WLAN: We can configure either PSK or MAC-based access control, but the later without

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist

For quite some time Cisco/Meraki was talking about a new Certification focusing on Meraki Technology. Two days ago Meraki announced the availability of this exam: Announcing the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification The Cisco certification area has more details, most important the exam blueprint: Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist When going

Cisco Firepower 6.6 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Cisco recently released version 6.6 of the Firepower Thread Defense (FTD) software. Time to write about three features that are worth mentioning: The Good: When running in local management mode (FDM), Firepower Thread Defense now supports PPPoE. Given that the local management is mainly for smaller organisations and these often

IPv6 bei O2/Telefonica

Die Antwort auf meine letzte Anfrage, wann bei meinem Geschäftskunden-Anschluss IPv6 verfügbar sein wird gibt doch schon mal Hoffnung: Telefónica Deutschland weiß um die zukünftige Bedeutung von IPV6 für künftige digitale Dienste. Ok, hilft nicht weiter, aber irgendjemand hat den Begriff dort vermutlich schon einmal gehört …