Central Web Authentication (CWA) with Cisco EWC/ FlexConnect APs

Recently I had to implement Central Web Authentication (CWA) on a network that uses the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) on Catalyst 9100 APs. Configuration is not that hard, but there is some misleading information in the documentation. Although this blog post is about EWC, it is nearly the same

Meraki WLAN MAC-based access control with PSK

The Problem: When looking at the configuration of a Meraki SSID (this is software version 27.5.1), there is no obvious way to configure MAC-based access-control and PSK simultaneously as it is possible with the traditional Cisco WLAN: We can configure either PSK or MAC-based access control, but the later without

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist

For quite some time Cisco/Meraki was talking about a new Certification focusing on Meraki Technology. Two days ago Meraki announced the availability of this exam: Announcing the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification The Cisco certification area has more details, most important the exam blueprint: Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist When going

Cisco Firepower 6.6 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Cisco recently released version 6.6 of the Firepower Thread Defense (FTD) software. Time to write about three features that are worth mentioning: The Good: When running in local management mode (FDM), Firepower Thread Defense now supports PPPoE. Given that the local management is mainly for smaller organisations and these often

IPv6 bei O2/Telefonica

Die Antwort auf meine letzte Anfrage, wann bei meinem Geschäftskunden-Anschluss IPv6 verfügbar sein wird gibt doch schon mal Hoffnung: Telefónica Deutschland weiß um die zukünftige Bedeutung von IPV6 für künftige digitale Dienste. Ok, hilft nicht weiter, aber irgendjemand hat den Begriff dort vermutlich schon einmal gehört …