Cisco Firepower 6.6 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Cisco recently released version 6.6 of the Firepower Thread Defense (FTD) software. Time to write about three features that are worth mentioning:

The Good:

When running in local management mode (FDM), Firepower Thread Defense now supports PPPoE. Given that the local management is mainly for smaller organisations and these often (at least in Germany) have VDSL-connections, I never understood that this was not available from day 1.

The Bad:

Firepower 6.6 now supports Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF light). Is that really bad? NO!!! It’s only bad that it’s not supported on my Firepower 1010 device.

The Ugly:

Firepower Management Center now needs 32 GB of RAM. I say goodbye to running mine on an Intel NUC and for some customers with very low VM-ressources I can not update to this new version as the ressources are not available.

All new featurs are found in the release-notes:

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