Cisco ASA und Policy-based Routing (PBR)

Dieses Feature ist vermutlich eines, auf das sehr viele Admins gewartet haben. Endlich ist es (in Version 9.4(1)) implementiert:

Policy Based Routing

Policy Based Routing (PBR) is a mechanism by which traffic is routed through specific paths with a specified QoS using ACLs. ACLs let traffic be classified based on the content of the packet’s Layer 3 and Layer 4 headers. This solution lets administrators provide QoS to differentiated traffic, distribute interactive and batch traffic among low-bandwidth, low-cost permanent paths and high-bandwidth, high-cost switched paths, and allows Internet service providers and other organizations to route traffic originating from various sets of users through well-defined Internet connections.
We introduced the following commands: set ip next-hop verify-availability, set ip next-hop, set ip next-hop recursive, set interface, set ip default next-hop, set default interface, set ip df, set ip dscp, policy-route route-map, show policy-route, debug policy-route

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